Testosterone supplements safe

Is Testosterone Safe ?


Testosterone-1™ tablets are safer than anabolic steroids,  injections, creams, or gel products.

Testosterone-1™ , non-methylated compound. Meaning  much safer than oral androgenic steroids, or prohormones.

Testosterone-1™ acts like an anabolic steroids with out the harmful side effects.

Oral anabolic steroids and prohormones are methylated which is required for them to absorbed. This methylation process is very stressful on the liver and kidneys. Testosterone-1™ has all natural binders, so there is no stress to the liver and kidneys. Furthermore, you’ll receive the same effects, just not the harmful ones.

Testosterone pills are a safe and effective alternative to using the injectable oil or gel compounds. 

Each bottle of Testosterone-1™ contains 60 tablets.

For best results use 1-2 tablets daily with food and water.

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